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Why Speed Is Important In Recruiting

Companies value speed in recruiting.

Speed doesn’t mean that the recruiting will be hastily done but, speed in a sense that candidates will be identified and ready for interviewing with the hiring team as soon as possible.

The majority of my clients have bad experiences previously with other recruiting firms and a common theme was speed or lack of it.

The typical story: Recruiter starts out the gates motivated and sends a bunch of resumes and when the company does not find any qualified candidates during this first resume exchange (or resume dump), they fade away never to be heard from again.

Or like with one of my new clients. The recruiting firm accepts a requirement, fully retained in this case, they take 6, 9 or more months to fill the position.

In both cases, unacceptable!

I tell my clients that I will have 3 highly qualified candidates to review within a certain period of time and if it takes me too long, then fire me or I will fire myself.

Speed in recruiting is moving at a fast enough pace to get qualified candidates in front of the hiring within a short period of time.

PS. if you would like to know more about this topic or about anything regarding recruiting, reach out to me directly.

I even have my own recruiting process – The PATRIOT Recruiting method.

– David

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