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5 Ways You Are Making Recruiting Harder

5 ways you make recruiting harder for yourself and for your company

(and why you can’t find anyone for your open positions)

#1. You post jobs on LinkedIn
You post one of your hot jobs on LinkedIn job post and you get 400 applicants (and email notifications) and 399 don’t come close to being qualified. So you just spent a lot of money and countless hours reviewing resumes and still haven’t come across anyone that you want to interview.


#2. You work with multiple recruiters.
You enlist the help of a bunch of contingent recruiting firms with the hopes that one of them will work your job requirement for free while competing with other agencies (“Agency Lottery Approach”). You get a bunch of resumes, I mean a lot, from several agencies and you are still trying to qualify candidates on your own, which leaves to wonder why you ever did this in the first place.


#3. You use more job boards
You post not just on one but multiple job boards, trying anything just to get some traction on your open jobs. You sign up for free job boards, paid job boards and after a while you can’t even remember where you jobs are posted. After all this work, you still aren’t seeing the kind of candidates you are looking for.


#4. You share your jobs on LinkedIn
You say to yourself, “Self”, everyone is posting and reposting their jobs on LinkedIn so why don’t I post to advertise my job openings too? But you don’t have a large following and you’re not the most active person on LinkedIn, so you never get enough views and this falls flat as well.


#5. You keep doing the same things
You keep doing the same things, posting, and even searching on LinkedIn using multiple job boards, multiple recruiters but still having the same results. It is time to realize that what you are doing isn’t getting you closer to hiring the right people for your company.


Before I ran a recruiting agency, admittedly and regretfully, I did some of the same stuff, so I get it.

Today, recruiting is much more difficult and finding hard to find talent is tougher than ever.

Think about using a different approach to recruiting.


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